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On 9 October 2020, we travelled around the world for 24 hours with mental health campaigners, changemakers and experts to #MoveForMentalHealth.

Are you ready to see what global movement on mental health looks like? Watch the March for Mental Health now.


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March for Mental Health

Close to one billion people across the world have a mental disorder and anyone, anywhere, can be affected. On the 9th of October – ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020 – thousands of people joined the virtual March for Mental Health to call for movement on mental health around the globe. But, the March was just the beginning! Sign up to stay up-to-date on what's coming next.

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March For Mental Health


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Learn more about the mental health challenges and calls to action for each country and theme in the full schedule below

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About the march

The theme of the World Mental Health Day 2020 campaign was #MoveForMentalHealth – Let’s Invest. Why? Because there is not enough movement on mental health; not enough movement on mental health investment; not enough movement on mental health access; and not enough movement on each and every person’s right to good mental health.

To put an urgent spotlight on the issue and to call on world leaders to invest, the world’s first ever 24 hour virtual March for Mental Health kicked off on 9 October and thousands of people around the globe joined together in united action.

The 24 hour March for Mental Health was powered by Speak Your Mind, a nationally-led, globally-united campaign active in 19 countries that calls on governments around the world to invest, empower and educate for mental health for all.

Speak Your Mind is about giving mental health a voice for action. We call on leaders to provide quality mental health care for all. It’s time for them to invest, educate, and empower now, for the future we need.

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Speak Your Mind is proud to support Move for Mental Health – Let’s Invest, the official campaign theme of World Mental Health Day 2020.

Need Mental Health


Talking about mental health is really important. However it can be difficult for some and can trigger a strong emotional response. If you feel you need support with your mental health please ensure you seek the appropriate support from your local health care facility, local community group that specialises in mental health or (if available) a national helpline.

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